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A Journey to Johto
The sun had just made it’s slow but inevitable way above the horizon when it fell upon the young Ninetales who laid gracefully stretched across the deck of a cruise ship’s rear. Her golden fur glistened and shined in the morning’s refreshing light; comfortably warming her. She took a long and relaxed stretch before finally opening her eyes and rising to her feet. Poking her head through the guard rail, she took a close and careful look down at the vast ocean surrounding the vessel. It was beginning to shallow.
With an air of both excitement and anxiety, she raced towards the front of the cruise ship past several passengers who had recently roused from their bedrooms. Sliding to a halt at the bow, she smiled to see her home region not only in view, but drawing very close.
“Good morning, passengers!” A welcoming voice boomed over the ship’s speakers. “We will be docking in Goldenrod city in about 20 minutes.”
The captain placed the micropho
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Aggron Ref Sheet by roxaspwnsxion Aggron Ref Sheet :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 11 0 Auburn Ref Sheet by roxaspwnsxion Auburn Ref Sheet :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 9 0 Milotic and Ampharos by roxaspwnsxion Milotic and Ampharos :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 4 0 Standing At The Edge : A New Life in Sinnoh cover by roxaspwnsxion Standing At The Edge : A New Life in Sinnoh cover :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 2 0
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Pokemon Chapter 10 - The Battle for Mt. Coronet p2 :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 1 3
Zoroark Practice by roxaspwnsxion Zoroark Practice :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 5 3
Pokemon Chapter 9 - The Battle for Mt. Coronet p1
“Whaddya talkin about tales? They didn’t stand a chance.” Luxray boasted as the two prowled through the woods.
“I’m telling you, Luxray, it was too easy.” Ninetales argued.
“Can’t you ever see the fun side!” He laughed, pouncing at her and pinning her to the ground.
“Luxray it’s not funny anymore…” she groaned, blowing her mane out of her face and pushing him off.
“I know…” He chuckled with a roll of his eyes. “But come on, we can do this!”
“They already captured all the others,” She sighed, sitting up. Luxray slowly paced over and sat down beside her. “We can’t stop them all by ourselves.”
“Maybe we could find a trainer or something?” he sighed, looking over at her.
“Not after everything humans have done to me, to us.” She shook her head. “I can’t trust them, any of them.”  
“... We need to get ou
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The Old Chateau - photoshop project by roxaspwnsxion The Old Chateau - photoshop project :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 1 0
Pokemon Chapter 8 - Demons
Another hour had ticked by. The search for answers grew ever more painful. Would Ampharos still be here if I hadn’t gone through with that silly plan? Was this my fault?
Ninetales paced slowly back and forth and the hallway upstairs. Milotic came quietly around the corner, headed towards our room and looked down on her gloomily.
“I’m sure t-” She began, but the fox had already walked away. She sighed, slowly continuing down the hallway until she came to the bedroom next ours. Carefully cracking the door open, Milotic peaked her head in to check on her injured friend.
Noivern lay curled up in his bed, half asleep. His large ears quickly twitched and he lifted his head up with a groan to see Milotic watching over him.
“Mind If I join you…?” she asked.
“Go ahead.” He grinned, admittedly enjoying her extra attention. She then proceeded to protectively surround him with her soft, sinuous tail. Noivern was about as young as… Him. It
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Pokemon Chapter 7 - Man Down
The morning was at its sweet spot that day as Milotic sat in our library, curled up in her favorite chair holding in her fin the story book she was now combing through.
"In having found the sword, I have
lost so much.
"Gorged with power, I grew blind
to Pokémon being alive.
"I will never fall savage again.
This sword I denounce and forsake.
"I plead for forgiveness,
for I was but a fool."
So saying, the young man hurled the
sword to the ground, snapping it.
Seeing this, the Pokémon disappeared
to a place beyond seeing…
“Good read…” Milotic thought to herself, closing the book and setting it on the table. She looked up with a start, seeing the door creak open but then smiled, welcoming Ampharos as he entered the room.
“Hey Milotic.” He said, stepping into the book filled room.
“Hello, Ampharos. What brings you by our little library?” She asked.
“Not much…” He replied. “I'm trying to find a magnifying glass
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Staying in the lines by roxaspwnsxion Staying in the lines :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 3 0
Mature content
Pokemon Chapter 6 - The Fire Begins :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 0 0
Happy holidays! by roxaspwnsxion Happy holidays! :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 3 0 Working.... by roxaspwnsxion Working.... :iconroxaspwnsxion:roxaspwnsxion 0 0
Pokemon Chapter 5 - Power Unleashed
The sun was just barely peeking through our hotel room's window when I woke up. Milotic was gently curled around me with her head positioned just above mine. I looked at the clock and then back at her.
“Cmon, we gotta get up.” I said, stroking her.
“MmMm…” she purred, quietly. “You’re working yourself up over this. We don’t need to get up super early just to be ready, we’ve been training for weeks.”
“I guess I’m in no position to argue with you…” I said.
“Just 20 minutes~” She cooed.
Aggron rolled over in his sleep on the other end of the room and began snoring.
“Aggron, can’t you go out in the hallway or something?” she asked. “You sleep on the floor anyways…”
“I like sleepin’ in too ya’ know.” He groaned. “Not exactly easy for me when you two are always doing your ‘early morning cuddling’.”
“Aw, you a
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This week, I'll be completing my first course at LCC under the Eaton RESA program. My teacher, Mr. Bennet, has shown me and my classmates a great deal of Photoshop and, in turn, started my ability to create digital art. He's an awesome guy and I'm glad to have been his student.

Check out his profile here, and once again, thanks! 

Chime the Ampharos by EvanDaMaster


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Day by day I feel more accomplished, like I'm actually starting to create. Piece by piece through story and art I hope to bring my world to life!


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